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Fiftycrows is an organization to support photographers and photojournalists who shoot documentaries to show the need for social change. We collect contributions and grants to support the trend of positive social change that modern society requires.

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Ideological leader and inspirer


Specialist of incarnation, from thoughts to matter


Photos are his element, this reporter will surprise you


Gives mood and smiles, inventor

Our Mission

Since we are not a commercial organization, our goal is not enrichment, all donations go to support our as well as independent photographers. 

Fiftycrows Administration

If funding allows us, we create different ways of showing different social problems, which should be paid attention to, by which we involve the authorities and other channels of communication to solve these problems.

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Why Should You Choose Us Among Others


We are the one company, that really cares about social problems


With our help, more than 700 projects were brought to life. 1000 different social changes


We can give a great solution to solve the social problem in your state. Let us just show it to the world


Also, you can find the social change you have never heard about before

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