Hormones are the chemical substances that your glands secrete in your blood to signal other organs for regulation. But this is just the start of the story; these regulations affect how your body grows, how you feel, and how you react to certain stimuli. For example, hunger is a result of certain hormonal influx in your blood.

One of the hormones controlling your hunger is Ghrelin. It is a hunger stimulant and is produced by your stomach. Ghrelin levels are highest in your blood just before a meal and remain low for around 3 hours afterward. The other hormone that plays a part in hunger control is leptin. Skipping the complex anatomy and biochemistry, leptin has an inhibitory effect on hunger. It is produced by fat cells in your body, and thus its amount is higher in obese people compared to those with not many fatty tissues. Leptin plays a dominant role in controlling hunger.

Why Is Appetite A Problem?

Appetite is a desire to eat even when there is no feeling of hunger. It can be a result of increased ghrelin production. It is not a problem unless it results in overeating followed by obesity, which is already found to have a link with increased risks of various diseases. That is why you should control your appetite the next time you see that chocolate cake in a café. Skinny people are at a higher risk of developing uncontrolled appetite at the sight of some tasty food, as they have less fatty tissues to produce leptin that inhibits hunger.

The counter intuitive part, however, is that overweight people are usually at a risk of developing intense appetite because obesity can result in the development of resistance against the inhibitory effect of leptin in your body, due to increased exposure of receptors to the leptin stimulus. This impairs your body’s ability to negate the deviation from ideal eating habits. This means it can no more control your appetite because there is no effective hunger suppressing hormone available.

How To Control

Studies have shown that eating foods with high fat content can cause your hormonal system to impede and thus hinders the signaling processes of your body. However, as stated earlier, fat consumption can also be a major problem in this case for it can create resistance in your body toward the suppressor effect of leptin, which renders your body incapable of countering the hunger effect caused by ghrelin. Avoiding high fat foods is a must here plus hgh for sale fast shipping. Moreover, foods with good carbohydrates and high protein content have been linked with better control of ghrelin production after meals by effectively stimulating leptin release in the blood.

Since excessive fat deposits can be a big problem for your endocrine system, it would be wise to incorporate some fat loss workouts into your daily routines. Physical exercise has also been statistically linked directly to better functioning of all the systems in our body. A tough physical workout also ensures proper use of the nutrients in your body. This helps in maintaining proper hormonal cycles of ghrelin and leptin, which obviously means controlled hunger and less intensive appetites.

An excellent workout routine can increase Human Growth Hormone production in your body. HGH levels can be increased by both synthetic and natural factors, which in turn break down complex carbs and fats to be used for energy. This reduces ghrelin production by preventing its stimulation. But do remember that HGH alone is not effective enough to make you lose fat. You need to combine it with a good workout plan for optimum results.

Sleep deprivation can be also linked to reduced leptin production and increased appetite. In fact, your sleep patterns directly affect your hormonal system. A proper sleep restores all the variations in your body’s fluid compositions and functioning of your systems. Having irregular patterns and insufficient sleep for longer periods of time can cause your normal functioning to deviate significantly from the optimal state, which is bound to work against your health. So, make sure you sleep early at night and get up on the sunrise.

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