In today’s world, you can never be too sure about your properties or guarding the ones you love. That’s why hidden cameras are always a good investment to have. If you want to keep an eye on the things or people you love most almost always, this is how you do it.

Using a hidden camera is not recommended if you’re just going to give-away its location, though. Here’s how to use it properly:

Conceal it. The main purpose of a hidden camera is to capture videos while staying hidden. You should keep it in a place people wouldn’t suspect. There are some cameras, though, that are hidden within another appliance, like a clock. You should go for that too.

Register it. Most manufacturers always keep tabs on the products they release, especially concerning hidden cameras. Registering it with the manufacturer helps in revealing any flaws that it might hide. You also get timely support and any updates in its software.

Secure it. It’s easy to cover a person’s face when they see the camera, but it’s even easier to hack into a hidden camera’s database. If you want to protect your files, you should get a strong password. Encrypting your WiFi is another good way of keeping unwanted attention away from your videos.

Alert it. If you’re a tech wiz, you probably know that Google Alerts can be used to create alerts for when software or improvements is available for your camera. Use it to keep ahead of the latest regarding your camera.

Buy it. Buying only the best cameras—even if it’s expensive—is an investment you shouldn’t miss out on. Even if it’s expensive, the guarantee that it’ll work just fine for you is too much to pass up on.

Hidden security cams are one resource you shouldn’t skimp out on. Whether it’s for business or for personal use, these cameras are worth every penny that you shell out.

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