In the movie “Harry Potter,” there is a scene where it is said that ‘the wand chooses the wizard.’ A wizard of photography doesn’t have that luxury, though. You definitely should know what camera you’re looking for.

A Beginner Camera

These days, a DSLR is increasingly becoming the norm. Here are some tips to help you choose your own DSLR:

• For the images

A DSLR will take pictures faster than traditional SLRs, but you should also take note of the shutter speed as well as the ISO. Choose a DSLR that fits your decision making.

• For the price

As with any other product or item you use in everyday life, you should consider the price when choosing your first DSLR. It also helps if you can buy a good camera that has third-party accessories that are affordable.

• For the purpose

Are you a hobbyist looking to take pictures when you can? Are you a photographer whose business it is to take quality shots? Knowing what you’ll use that camera for is a good aid in deciding which DSLR to buy.

• For the use

Cameras have different gear and sizes that make them ideal for certain shots. If you’re a travel photographer, consider going for smaller models. Most mid- to large-sized models are ideal for stationary photography, like studio or fashion photography.

• For the accessories

Most camera models these days are improvements of previous models. If you have a model that was improved upon, you could save some money. Your old accessories may still be usable on the newer model.

• For the future

As previously stated, some camera companies only improve upon their previous designs. There’s a high possibility accessories that you buy today may still be usable in the future.

Buying with Purpose

When choosing your very first camera, don’t buy for style or status. You should always consider making a wise choice by considering what you’ll use it for and how long you need to have it working.

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