If you love growing cannabis, you’ve probably made some friends who love it as much as you do and what better time to show your love other than the holidays? Gifting cannabis accessories is a wonderful way to tell your friend that you appreciate him. As the old adage goes, teach a man to fish and you’ll be doing him a favor.  So, here’s a list of all the great stuff you could gift your friends during Christmas or the New Year…

  • Grow Lights

No surprises here. Cannabis growers love to explore new stuff and if your friend is special, you might as well gift him a special grow light, best led grow lights. If you’re up for it, I recommend the Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights, but you can also go for cheaper but great options like the Mars Hydro or King Plus Double Chip Led Grow Lights.

If your friend grows his buds using HID lights, it’s an even better way to introduce him to LEDs. He’ll not only save money on his electricity bill, but his workload will also go down, thanks to the seamless operation of the LEDs. Growers love to experiment with new things, so you can be sure that he’ll love your gift.

  • Seeds

With so many seed banks online, it’s not a great task to find new strains today. There are so many choices for medical ailments too, so show some love by being thoughtful and selecting seeds that fulfill your friend’s requirements. Perhaps he’s got a wish list – his dream crop? I know, I do! Maybe he’d love an aphrodisiac?

Seeds are a tad expensive, but you can get some of the best strains under $100, and if you’re extra creative, you can try your hand at cloning or creating your own seeds. It’s super cheap to gift clones and your friend will be able to harvest his crop in no time.

  • Magical Butter Machine

There are many options for marijuana smokers out there, but the same isn’t true for people who prefer edibles. While it’s a personal choice for some, others with medical ailments can’t smoke and if you have a friend who likes edibles for whatever reason, be a great friend and gift him the Magical Butter Machine that prepares some of the best cannabutter in no time!

Of course, you can use this wonderful tool to make butter of anything you choose, but obviously, a person who loves cannabis will appreciate your thought behind the gesture.

  • Vaporizers

Like people that love edibles, there are many people who love vaporizers. Vaporisezs are perfect for those that can’t smoke weed. It’s also a great way to quit smoking tobacco, and this perhaps is one of the best reasons who anybody would purchase a vape. Vaporizers are electronic and since it emits water vapor, you won’t be doing any damage to your lungs.

Now whether your friend smokes tobacco or marijuana, vapes are great as gifts. For starters, Aphria Vaporizers that allow you to vape CBD oil and dry herbs are perfect for anyone who loves weed. It doesn’t harm your lungs and you can carry it wherever you want.

  • Magnifying Glasses

If your friend is a beginner who has just started growing marijuana, a magnifying glass will be the best gift for him since it will help him determine when to harvest his precious weed. Not only beginners, but even experts struggle when it comes to harvesting their final product because it’s a little tricky at times. If you harvest too early, the “high’ would be psychological and many people don’t feel comfortable.

On the other hand, if you harvest too late, consuming/smoking it can make you groggy and sleepy. So, the trick is to maintain a perfect balance and harvest it only when 60-70% of the plant turns amber in color. A simple jeweler’s loupe can make all the difference in the world, but if you want something fancy that gives you a clearer view of the trichomes, a digital magnifier could be the one for your friend.

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