Timeless photographs have been used to inspire people to care and act upon that care. Images are powerful objects to make people move—Rwanda. Vietnam. The killing fields of Cambodia. Ground Zero, during 9/11. The power of the pictures is magnified greatly by social media. Social media itself, however, fails to realize its purpose when its use is greatly stymied by how people perceive it as. When the focus falls on money rather than on the power to make people act, or care, that’s when the images lose their purpose or meaning.

FiftyCrows Foundation was built on the concept of using these images to make people care and be aware once more. It uses powerful photography as an inspiration to create cultural understanding, promote educational awareness, and call people to social action. FiftyCrows—founded only during October of 2001—creates visual stories and messages through photos that are simply world-class. Uniting communities around the world, FiftyCrows works in partnership with various media—the Web, television, and other platforms—to create that awareness.

On the global landscape, people are made aware of social, political, and environmental changes. FiftyCrows prides itself a catalyst in engaging social discourse and taking governments, organizations, and people to task through the stories they weave in the photographic images they create.