Design ideas: what you need most in your home and how to fit it

Once you decide to go with a tiny house for your living space you need to figure out what compromises have to be made, what designs you want, and how to fit everything you need into a smaller space. You can hire professional companies to help you create a personalized design that does all this for you.

For Individuals

If you are an individual and you are designing a tiny house for your own use, there are professionals from Tiny Tack House who can help you create a simple and elegant design. They will create building plans that reflect the same qualities you would find in a regular house, something that is easy to use and provides everything you need without any clutter. A couple who prefers the coziness of a cabin or an individual who doesn’t require a great deal of space will find beautiful plans from this company. A lot of these plans utilize a wood interior with large windows on either side of the building with one and a half stories, so no doubt that you need to look for tiny houses for sale in NY. The way it works is that you enter into the space into the dining and entertaining area where things like a dining room and living room can be combined. Beyond this is typically the kitchen and bathroom area above which is the loft. The loft is typically where people have the large bedroom and smaller windows or even a private workspace.

When you work with this company you will get a beautiful plan and a 3-D model with color renderings so that you can look at the layout for the home you want with a comprehensive idea of what it will look like when it’s all said and done. Visuals make it easy to conceptualize what you get inside and plans will show you how you can attach your house to a trailer if necessary in order to transport it. Materials will be listed so you know exactly what frames or wall sections will be made out of. You can also see plans that include the furnishings and the appliances so that you get a real feel for how will look with all of your personal belongings inside.

For Couples

Not everyone of course is going to live on their own. If you are living as a couple or a small family the tiny project is where you want to turn. The tiny project will design and build tiny houses that are contemporary and provide you with spacious lofts packed with closet spaces in which to store your clothing items, multi functional living spaces and unique kitchen layouts. These designs make the most out of the spaces above your windows by incorporating extra storage along the perimeter inside your home. When you work with this company you will get a comprehensive building plan that shows you the different designs they offer and specifically the design created for your needs. This can be easily viewed on a computer and you will get a highly detailed list of the materials and the features. More importantly the plumbing details are color-coded so that you can better conceptualize what the plumbing and electrical renderings will be like in real life. You can also see quite easily how to attach your home to a trailer if you need to move it from one place to another. You will get information about different safety features and where they will be put in the house as well as the different windows and doors you can choose from for your home. Perhaps most appealing is the fact that this company will suggest how best to finish the interior and add interior components like utilities and appliances that best fit your tastes.

Best New Year Gifts for Cannabis Growers

If you love growing cannabis, you’ve probably made some friends who love it as much as you do and what better time to show your love other than the holidays? Gifting cannabis accessories is a wonderful way to tell your friend that you appreciate him. As the old adage goes, teach a man to fish and you’ll be doing him a favor.  So, here’s a list of all the great stuff you could gift your friends during Christmas or the New Year…

  • Grow Lights

No surprises here. Cannabis growers love to explore new stuff and if your friend is special, you might as well gift him a special grow light, best led grow lights. If you’re up for it, I recommend the Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights, but you can also go for cheaper but great options like the Mars Hydro or King Plus Double Chip Led Grow Lights.

If your friend grows his buds using HID lights, it’s an even better way to introduce him to LEDs. He’ll not only save money on his electricity bill, but his workload will also go down, thanks to the seamless operation of the LEDs. Growers love to experiment with new things, so you can be sure that he’ll love your gift.

  • Seeds

With so many seed banks online, it’s not a great task to find new strains today. There are so many choices for medical ailments too, so show some love by being thoughtful and selecting seeds that fulfill your friend’s requirements. Perhaps he’s got a wish list – his dream crop? I know, I do! Maybe he’d love an aphrodisiac?

Seeds are a tad expensive, but you can get some of the best strains under $100, and if you’re extra creative, you can try your hand at cloning or creating your own seeds. It’s super cheap to gift clones and your friend will be able to harvest his crop in no time.

  • Magical Butter Machine

There are many options for marijuana smokers out there, but the same isn’t true for people who prefer edibles. While it’s a personal choice for some, others with medical ailments can’t smoke and if you have a friend who likes edibles for whatever reason, be a great friend and gift him the Magical Butter Machine that prepares some of the best cannabutter in no time!

Of course, you can use this wonderful tool to make butter of anything you choose, but obviously, a person who loves cannabis will appreciate your thought behind the gesture.

  • Vaporizers

Like people that love edibles, there are many people who love vaporizers. Vaporisezs are perfect for those that can’t smoke weed. It’s also a great way to quit smoking tobacco, and this perhaps is one of the best reasons who anybody would purchase a vape. Vaporizers are electronic and since it emits water vapor, you won’t be doing any damage to your lungs.

Now whether your friend smokes tobacco or marijuana, vapes are great as gifts. For starters, Aphria Vaporizers that allow you to vape CBD oil and dry herbs are perfect for anyone who loves weed. It doesn’t harm your lungs and you can carry it wherever you want.

  • Magnifying Glasses

If your friend is a beginner who has just started growing marijuana, a magnifying glass will be the best gift for him since it will help him determine when to harvest his precious weed. Not only beginners, but even experts struggle when it comes to harvesting their final product because it’s a little tricky at times. If you harvest too early, the “high’ would be psychological and many people don’t feel comfortable.

On the other hand, if you harvest too late, consuming/smoking it can make you groggy and sleepy. So, the trick is to maintain a perfect balance and harvest it only when 60-70% of the plant turns amber in color. A simple jeweler’s loupe can make all the difference in the world, but if you want something fancy that gives you a clearer view of the trichomes, a digital magnifier could be the one for your friend.

How Cannabis Plant Changes With Time

Cannabis growers become experts after several trials and failures. After learning the hard way and correcting their mistakes, they find utter joy in harvesting their yields, and with time, even you can become an expert at it. However, it never hurts to get some extra help and since this article will help you understand the changes taking place in the plant, you’ll be able to master the art faster. Let’s take a look at the transition of a seed to bud.

  • Germination

The first step of growing cannabis is the germination. Whether you want to soak the seeds overnight or simply sow it in the soil is up to you, but since seeds are a tad expensive, you need to ensure that most of the seeds germinate successfully. The best method is to soak the seeds in water for 24 hours and later wrap them in moist tissue towels. The towels are placed in ziplock bags to ensure that the moisture is not lost. Remember to lightly moisten the towels or you’ll end up with rotten seeds.

  • Planting the seeds

Assuming that you’ve germinated the seeds in paper towels and got the best led grow lights, the next step is to plant them. Remove the seeds carefully from the tissue and take care not to bruise them. While some growers plant the taproot upwards, others push the tap root down and you can go with either of them.

Basically, no matter how you plant them, the seeds will position themselves and emerge in a few days. Now, you can plant them in small pots and transfer them later after 2-3 weeks if you’re growing photoperiod plants, but autoflowers must be planted directly in the final container that will last until harvest.

  • Vegetative Stage

Depending on the strain and the type of plant (photoperiod or autoflowers) you’re growing, you can expect different durations for the vegetative stage. To put it simply, the vegetative stage is the stage where the plant completes its growing period. If you’re growing photoperiod plants, you can let the plant grow for as long as you want while providing at least 18-24 hours of light every day.

Remember that the bigger the plant, the more the yield, so once you’re satisfied with the growth you can continue to the next stage by switching the light cycle. If you’re growing autoflowering plants, you can’t control the vegetative or the flowering stage as the plant will continue with its cycle irrespective of your interference. Whether you provide 12 or 18 hours light per day, the plant will finish its cycle and will be ready for harvest within 2-3 months.

  • Flowering Stage

Cannabis plants are a sight to behold when they are flowering. Your room will smell delicious and at this stage, you’re probably tempted to pluck the buds and start smoking right away! Yeah, we all go through that, but only patient growers will be rewarded with amazing buds at the end of it. So, now that your plant is in the flowering stage, you’ll need to supply light for only 12 hours (regardless of whether it’s autoflowers or photoperiod plants) and the plant will now double in size.

You’ll soon notice that the plant will shoot up as if reaching out to the sky and with the help of magnifying glasses you can also see the production of trichomes that are responsible for the “high” you derive when you smoke buds. If you’re growing photoperiod plants, the flowering time can extend up to 2 months, depending on the strain.

  • Harvest

Most cannabis growers get confused about when to harvest their plants because you can harvest it whenever you want, depending on your requirements. Once the plant has progressed to the flowering stage and you see most of the leaves turning yellow, you can stop feeding nutrients and prepare for harvest.

After the flowers turn a little amber in color, you can harvest them, but remember that if you harvest too early, the buds will give you an extremely psychological head high and if you harvest too late, the buds may make you feel sleepy and groggy. So, it’s best to wait until the pistils are 70:30 (amber: white), but you can also use a jeweler’s loupe take a good look at the trichomes.

If the trichomes are clear, you can wait until at least 70% turns cloudy. If you don’t have magnifying glasses, you can simply wait until 70% of the plant turns amber. Of course, you can’t smoke the buds right away because they need to be cured, and if you’ve waited this long, be a little more patient and wait until the buds are completely cured.

How Hormones Influence Your Appetite And What Can You Do With It

Hormones are the chemical substances that your glands secrete in your blood to signal other organs for regulation. But this is just the start of the story; these regulations affect how your body grows, how you feel, and how you react to certain stimuli. For example, hunger is a result of certain hormonal influx in your blood.

One of the hormones controlling your hunger is Ghrelin. It is a hunger stimulant and is produced by your stomach. Ghrelin levels are highest in your blood just before a meal and remain low for around 3 hours afterward. The other hormone that plays a part in hunger control is leptin. Skipping the complex anatomy and biochemistry, leptin has an inhibitory effect on hunger. It is produced by fat cells in your body, and thus its amount is higher in obese people compared to those with not many fatty tissues. Leptin plays a dominant role in controlling hunger.

Why Is Appetite A Problem?

Appetite is a desire to eat even when there is no feeling of hunger. It can be a result of increased ghrelin production. It is not a problem unless it results in overeating followed by obesity, which is already found to have a link with increased risks of various diseases. That is why you should control your appetite the next time you see that chocolate cake in a café. Skinny people are at a higher risk of developing uncontrolled appetite at the sight of some tasty food, as they have less fatty tissues to produce leptin that inhibits hunger.

The counter intuitive part, however, is that overweight people are usually at a risk of developing intense appetite because obesity can result in the development of resistance against the inhibitory effect of leptin in your body, due to increased exposure of receptors to the leptin stimulus. This impairs your body’s ability to negate the deviation from ideal eating habits. This means it can no more control your appetite because there is no effective hunger suppressing hormone available.

How To Control

Studies have shown that eating foods with high fat content can cause your hormonal system to impede and thus hinders the signaling processes of your body. However, as stated earlier, fat consumption can also be a major problem in this case for it can create resistance in your body toward the suppressor effect of leptin, which renders your body incapable of countering the hunger effect caused by ghrelin. Avoiding high fat foods is a must here plus hgh for sale fast shipping. Moreover, foods with good carbohydrates and high protein content have been linked with better control of ghrelin production after meals by effectively stimulating leptin release in the blood.

Since excessive fat deposits can be a big problem for your endocrine system, it would be wise to incorporate some fat loss workouts into your daily routines. Physical exercise has also been statistically linked directly to better functioning of all the systems in our body. A tough physical workout also ensures proper use of the nutrients in your body. This helps in maintaining proper hormonal cycles of ghrelin and leptin, which obviously means controlled hunger and less intensive appetites.

An excellent workout routine can increase Human Growth Hormone production in your body. HGH levels can be increased by both synthetic and natural factors, which in turn break down complex carbs and fats to be used for energy. This reduces ghrelin production by preventing its stimulation. But do remember that HGH alone is not effective enough to make you lose fat. You need to combine it with a good workout plan for optimum results.

Sleep deprivation can be also linked to reduced leptin production and increased appetite. In fact, your sleep patterns directly affect your hormonal system. A proper sleep restores all the variations in your body’s fluid compositions and functioning of your systems. Having irregular patterns and insufficient sleep for longer periods of time can cause your normal functioning to deviate significantly from the optimal state, which is bound to work against your health. So, make sure you sleep early at night and get up on the sunrise.

What Mattresses Do People With Back Pain Need?

Back pain affects millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, it is one of the hardest medical conditions to cure. However, a good mattress can help provide a little relief.

A comfortable sleep surface has been proven to prevent and reduce back pain. However, identifying the perfect mattress for people with back pain remains one of the hotly contested topics.

Some professionals have established some specific types of mattresses are better than others when it comes to dealing with back pains.

Beyond these opinions, there are many products on the market make the buying process quite tricky. But if you’re reading this article you are lucky and by the time you’re coming to the ending statement, you’ll have understood what type of mattress you need to ease your back problem.

  • A mattress that can keep the spine aligned

One of the most important things, when you sleep, is resting in good posture. A good posture allows time for muscles to relax and keeps your spine well aligned. As muscles relax, they provide a little relief alleviating pain.

Another advantage of good posture is that it allows proper circulation throughout the body. Notably, the spine has three set of C-shaped curves: cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine all that require proper support for a comfortable sleeping position.

However, a comfortable posture can only be achieved when the mattress offers enough support and has medium firmness. Perhaps you’ve heard more than once that a good mattress for those struggling with back pain issues should be firm. However, this is not true despite the good support the mattress provides.

One thing you’ll note is that a firm mattress gives little to no give to your body. As a result, heavy parts like the shoulders and the hips don’t get the support they need and are instead pushed up and this throws the spine out of alignment increasing the back pains. Choose best mattress topper to avoid back pain.

However, a medium firm mattress (one that is neither too firm nor too soft) comes with many benefits and plays a significant role in back pain relief.

First, a medium firm mattress is firm enough to provide the necessary support to the back while at the same time being soft enough to contour to the body natural curves.

This leaves you well suspended, comfortable and supported and in turn, allows you to sleep comfortably. Your spine remains in its natural curve position and this provides great relief to back pains.

In addition to this, the conformability of the mattress allows the heavier parts of the body to sink a little while distributing body weight across the bed. However, if you chose a mattress that is on the soft side, it may feel extra comfortable but it will not sort out your back problems because it lacks the support required to support your lower back.


The most important thing for sleepers with back pain is to find a mattress that can keep the spine well aligned. As earlier mentioned, an extra firm or soft mattresses cannot offer the required support to keep you comfortable.

But from the analysis above, we can deduce that people with back pain need mattresses with medium firmness. Such mattresses are supportive and body conforming this makes them perfect for back pain suffers.

Camera and Photographer: Getting your first DSLR

In the movie “Harry Potter,” there is a scene where it is said that ‘the wand chooses the wizard.’ A wizard of photography doesn’t have that luxury, though. You definitely should know what camera you’re looking for.

A Beginner Camera

These days, a DSLR is increasingly becoming the norm. Here are some tips to help you choose your own DSLR:

• For the images

A DSLR will take pictures faster than traditional SLRs, but you should also take note of the shutter speed as well as the ISO. Choose a DSLR that fits your decision making.

• For the price

As with any other product or item you use in everyday life, you should consider the price when choosing your first DSLR. It also helps if you can buy a good camera that has third-party accessories that are affordable.

• For the purpose

Are you a hobbyist looking to take pictures when you can? Are you a photographer whose business it is to take quality shots? Knowing what you’ll use that camera for is a good aid in deciding which DSLR to buy.

• For the use

Cameras have different gear and sizes that make them ideal for certain shots. If you’re a travel photographer, consider going for smaller models. Most mid- to large-sized models are ideal for stationary photography, like studio or fashion photography.

• For the accessories

Most camera models these days are improvements of previous models. If you have a model that was improved upon, you could save some money. Your old accessories may still be usable on the newer model.

• For the future

As previously stated, some camera companies only improve upon their previous designs. There’s a high possibility accessories that you buy today may still be usable in the future.

Buying with Purpose

When choosing your very first camera, don’t buy for style or status. You should always consider making a wise choice by considering what you’ll use it for and how long you need to have it working.

I Spy with my Hidden Eye: How to spot a Good Hidden Camera

In today’s world, you can never be too sure about your properties or guarding the ones you love. That’s why hidden cameras are always a good investment to have. If you want to keep an eye on the things or people you love most almost always, this is how you do it.

Using a hidden camera is not recommended if you’re just going to give-away its location, though. Here’s how to use it properly:

Conceal it. The main purpose of a hidden camera is to capture videos while staying hidden. You should keep it in a place people wouldn’t suspect. There are some cameras, though, that are hidden within another appliance, like a clock. You should go for that too.

Register it. Most manufacturers always keep tabs on the products they release, especially concerning hidden cameras. Registering it with the manufacturer helps in revealing any flaws that it might hide. You also get timely support and any updates in its software.

Secure it. It’s easy to cover a person’s face when they see the camera, but it’s even easier to hack into a hidden camera’s database. If you want to protect your files, you should get a strong password. Encrypting your WiFi is another good way of keeping unwanted attention away from your videos.

Alert it. If you’re a tech wiz, you probably know that Google Alerts can be used to create alerts for when software or improvements is available for your camera. Use it to keep ahead of the latest regarding your camera.

Buy it. Buying only the best cameras—even if it’s expensive—is an investment you shouldn’t miss out on. Even if it’s expensive, the guarantee that it’ll work just fine for you is too much to pass up on.

Hidden security cams are one resource you shouldn’t skimp out on. Whether it’s for business or for personal use, these cameras are worth every penny that you shell out.

Worth a Thousand Words: 5 Characteristics of a Great Photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; hence, the title of this article. Photographs—or images—have been a part of human history ever since the first man came into existence. With all those images, it must be hard to get yours noticed.

It’s simple, or so some photographers say. Here is what they say makes a good photo:

It creates emotion. A great photo always creates just enough emotion to get your attention. This is what photos in the New York Times or in the Times magazine shares with sudden off-the-street pictures that just happen to get snapped. Even if it’s anger, hate, jealousy, a good photo will always elicit an emotional response.

An idea of what you want to see. Some amateur photographers start out taking photos of almost everything within their scope. They then narrow it down later to what really inspired them the most. The best photographers always have a fallback—a subject—that always inspires them the best.

Freezing time. Almost the same as capturing something, great photos are ones that remind you of a good or bad moment. Whether it’s a departed loved one or a day you won’t soon forget, good photos are also great memories, in a way.

A good composition. There are some photographers that don’t always follow this, but it is a good rule to remember if you’re a beginner or even an intermediate. Going back to the basics will help you in the hunt for that photo you’ve always wanted.

Creating stories. Freezing moments, eliciting emotions—these are elements of creating a great movie, but it’s also a good way to capture a great photo. When you tell a story through a picture you’ve taken, that’s another pointer to know you’ve taken a good photo.

So what are the stories you want to tell? Do you want to share the moment you felt pain or triumph? Tell it through a photo. You never know who might be looking.